Modifications During a Campaign

Below are some of the most common actions. To initiate any of them please paraphrase what you’re trying to get done and email it to

:hot_pepper: Keep your 8-digit campaign ID handy when you email You can find it on your daily report or your campaign confirmation email.


If there is something wrong with your campaign, we suggest to pause your campaign immediately by simply emailing “pause my campaign” in the body of an email to


Pausing your campaign puts things on a temporary hold, limiting and pausing any spend on all platforms until you tell us otherwise.


Each campaign submitted is sent a separate receipt email. You can simply click the link provided in that email and pay via credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

:sparkles: Pro clients can pay via wire, ACH, or even cash sent by carrier pigeon!


On a daily basis running campaigns are emailed a basic report for all campaigns running on your account.

:keyboard: We are currently writing code to offer you more detailed reports downloadable via the website.