Is my campaign running?

I submitted a campaign. I paid the invoice but I don’t see results. Why are my ads not running? When can I see results? How do I know my ads are running?

Once a campaign is submitted and paid, robots get to work setting up your ads across Meta, Google, and TikTok instantaneously.

The next step is the advertising approval on the platform side, which can take 24h (or more).

For more information, please visit the ad review process documentation for Meta, Google, and TikTok, as each platform varies slightly in their approach.

Once the ads are approved on the platform side, your campaign is officially running.

The easiest way to check if your campaign is running is to look out for a daily reporting email from, which gets sent out daily at 8:05am ET. If you do not see the email and it’s been 48h since you paid the invoice, please drop us a line at

:information_source: Advertising placement and platform are based on the creative provided and targeting link you are promoting. Not every campaign runs across all platforms.