How do you put together your audiences & targeting?

There are four main variables at play when it comes to audience creation and ad targeting.

  1. Custom Audiences: if has access to the artist’s channels like Facebook or YouTube, it creates custom audiences, which include fans who have engaged with the artist’s content

  2. Lookalike Audiences: people the ad platforms think look like the custom audiences in 1. :arrow_up:

  3. Similar Artists: created by based on tracking, analyzing, and quantifying years of music data (every possible data source available).

  4. Machine Learning: finding fans/audiences that don’t necessarily fall into 1.-3. but have a high likelihood of engaging with an artist’s ads. For example, targeting a festival like Stagecoach might be the most cost-effective combination when promoting a country music artist.

:star: 3. & 4. include advanced proprietary tech and often times prove to be the game changer for ad campaigns.

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