Does it work for concert and show promotion?

Is concert and show promotion incorporated in the service ? Can you please explain?

Shoutout to Maison4ever for sending in the question. is built to promote all things related to music.

We’ve had artists, labels, and even promoters use the tool successfully to promote one-off shows as well as entire tours.

:information_source: A few learnings we’d like to share in regards to ads for shows:

  • High-value items are harder to market, generally speaking. The relative high cost of a ticket in addition to limiting the ad run to specific locations, can make show promotion more expensive
  • Access to ticket sales data is notoriously bad or nonexistent, which in turn means learning and optimization is only possible based on ad data, such as CPC, CPM, and CTR
  • For artists without mature fanbases, gaining access to existing marketing channels, e.g. sharing Facebook ad access, can be beneficial