Best Practices: Ads + New Video Releases has helped artists and their teams throughout the industry market their content – tracks, albums, videos, EPs, DSP profiles, shows, and online presences.

And in modern times, video, in particular, is heavily consumed by fans all over the web and from their mobile devices.

This writeup details a basic two-staged strategy for large and medium spends targeting a new video using for maximal success on and beyond release day.

We have a published case study with Kenzie that used a similar strategy as outlined below.

What to do

We’ve seen success with new video campaigns that stage their ad spend in two.

Up to release

About 7-15 days before release run a campaign with links to

  • artist profiles,
  • prior content articles,
  • and/or links to other releases from the artist.

On release day

On release day, run a campaign directly targeting the new video coming out. will handle setting up those YouTube and social media platform ads to drive consumption of the video to current and new potential fans.


Below are a few spend recommendations and what to expect, based on our past campaign result averages.

The strategy: enter one campaign 7-15 days before and one campaign on the day of release.

:hot_pepper: In any case, users should submit at least 12 hours prior to actual release so that can have media approved + campaigns running by release.

:information_source: Estimates use an average $.20 per click (CPC) and $.003 cost per view (CPV).

Large spend - $12,500

  • up to release campaign: $5000 ~ 25,000 clicks
  • on release campaign: $7500 (50% YouTube trueview ads / 50% ad platforms/types/targeting) ~ 1,250,000 views and about 18,000 clicks.

Medium spend - $1250

  • up to release campaign: $500 ~ 2,500 clicks
  • on release campaign: $750 (75% YouTube trueview ads / 25% ad platforms/types/targeting) ~ 187,500 views and about 1000 clicks.

Small spend - $500

  • up to release campaign: None
  • on release campaign: $500 (90% YouTube trueview ads / 10% ad platforms/types/targeting) ~ 150,000 views and about 250 clicks.

The web tends to compound activity when we stage releases in this fashion.

The estimates/prices used above are just that – software dynamically works to get the most interactions for your spend and results vary per-artist, per-campaign. The best music content gets substantially better results than those estimates used directly above.

As always, you can ask specific questions here or reach out directly to our team via

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