Autonomous Ads Explained in Detail

Actual humans, fuck bots ads target real fans who make active decisions to perform an action, like opening Spotify and listening to an artist’s music.

Our tech detects and minimizes bots (the web is full of them) to deliver artists real eyeballs on their content.

:information_source: See a Billboard top-100 manager’s take on our blog, here: Bot listeners and followers 👎

The process, in detail

Geek alert :nerd_face: algos and software are geared to save artists money while achieving optimal return on investment, that is, bang for your buck.

How does targeting work?

It starts with analyzing social channels for each artist, the industry, and that artist’s peers, over time, to compose the initial ad buying recommendations. draws from tons of different data sources such as music consumption, touring activity, and socials to accurately build high-value target groups for each artist.

Where is the money spent? is plugged into Google, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook - more platforms are developed regularly.

Deep inside this portion lies mathematical portfolio allocation and asset valuation software, which makes data transformations and produces the ad allocation set.

How does optimization work?

Once the initial allocations are fixed, we perform A/B testing via regression analysis to determine what demo, creative, and copy produces the optimal ROI per channel at the respective moment in time.

After a campaign launches the software regularly updates all campaign elements.

We call this Dynamic Tactical Allocation, which helps produce optimal ad spends through time.

Let us know where you’d like to run ads!

We :heart: feedback! Let us know about platforms you’d like us to investigate running ads here: Feature Request