A Snapshot of Past Campaigns

b00st.com is geared to save money, targeting the right fans for the best possible cost per action.


Tommy Genesis - Downtown Records

:information_source: "b00st.com is now our go to solution to enhance our marketing efforts across all areas.” - Michael Pontecorvo, Downtown Records

Music Video

Kenzie - Unknown Music Publishing

:information_source: "I could not recommend b00st.com enough to every marketing, advertising, and digital person out there.” - Kelley Fox, Unknown Music Publishing


XAMMY - Safra Records

:information_source: "Using b00st.com allowed us to gain new fans at a much lower cost than we’ve ever seen before.” - Moise, Safra Records


:information_source: "Use b00st.com. It literally worked better than my major label. Literally. We did a label campaign & b00st.com campaign at the same time, and b00st.com had 10x better results.” - Sidney Swift, CHILLPILL

Instagram Growth

Roman Alexander - twelve 6 entertainment

:hot_pepper: A $50.00 link click campaign might produce between a hundred and a thousand clicks, while a video view campaign might garner between 250-7000 views. What impact this translates to, e.g. new fans, streams, sales etc., really depends on the artist, their content, and the price of ads across social channels.